The teachers at SPS,in their teaching process, do not forget that they are forever learners and as such, require to keep themselves abreast with the latest pool of knowledge , by way of regular in- service training and orientation programmes that are organized for them from time to time.

Teachers at the SPS are....

  • • Well Qualified
  • • Technology Savvy
  • • Innovative
  • • Creative
  • • Hardworking
  • • Understanding
  • • Committed
  • • Most important of all - Learners Forever

Challenge to student

The teachers in the Shivani Public School community make every effort to provide a creative, supportive and positive environment to the students, at the same time a great deal is also expected of the students and their parents. There is no spoon-feeding in our school, but we strongly encourage self learners. Those who get the most out of SPS will be those who are willing to invest most in terms of interest, commitment and energy.